Monday, December 5, 2016

Be a DUCK!

Be a DUCK!

Recently someone asked me to explain the vision of the So Now Professional Network for Women.  In actual words their vision statement is....To Create an Influential Network that Welcomes Women to Connect and Support each other While Pursuing their Dreams.  Visually though, I was stumped, until one morning I was eating breakfast and looked out the window and saw an eagle circling the lake.

The determined eagle kept swooping down toward the water. Curious, I rolled over to the window and it was then I noticed why.  There was a group of 15-20 ducks huddled together and the eagle was diving toward them hoping to grab one of them for his breakfast.  Every time the eagle circled around the lake and prepared for another dive, the ducks would pull together, flutter their wings and escape under the surface of the water.

Time after time the same thing. Finally the eagle gave up after about 15 minutes and flew away. What struck me was how committed the ducks were to staying connected and supported by one another. Never once did they even think about leaving the group and going it alone. They knew instinctively they were stronger and more powerful together.

Then it hit me - The ducks were reacting just like the women of the So Now Professional Network for Women! When they face a tough spot they hook onto one another, combine their talents and gifts and together they become unstoppable, wiser and more confident.  So much more than when they go it alone. Just like the group of ducks.

I LOVE IT...I now have the perfect story to help others remember the Vision Statement behind the So Now Professional Network for Women. To put it simply...BE A DUCK!

1 Peter 4:10
"God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another."

Many Blessings, Jenn

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

This is YOUR YEAR!
Are you celebrating your successes? 

Earlier in the year I choose one word to represent my focus for 2016.  I chose the word: Miracle.

How has miracle shown up for me so far this year?
1.  A very close friend said "YES" to becoming our brand new COO for the So Now Professional Network for Women.
2.  My entire family took a trip of my lifetime to the Outer Banks.
3.  My husband and I were able to purchase the lakefront home of our dreams.
4.  My daughter accepted a job in Chicago and will now live closer to her mama.
5.  Friends from all parts of my life showed up to pack up and move us into our new home.
6.  My husband cheerfully cares day in and day out for all of my needs as my disease progresses.
7.  I was able to get on an airplane and fly to San Juan for a vacation with my best friend.
8.  A very good friend was cured of cancer.
9.  Another friend's sister is now in remission after she was told she only had months to live.
10. I learned how to play bridge.
11. I participated in a mastermind CONSISTENTLY for 3 months.
12. I celebrated my 62nd birthday with wonderful family and friends.
13. I have almost completed reading "Bible in a Year".
14. I am putting the finishing touches on my mystery novel.
15. My mother DAILY provides for me and my family from heaven.
16.  And the list goes on and on.

Why is this list of abundance and miracles significant?  The bigger question is....Were these the miracles I was looking for? Selfishly, I have to admit, no.  I wanted a cure for ALS!

What am I discovering?
The narrow definition of MIRACLE that I had pictured in my mind  was keeping me from fully recognizing and appreciating the miracles happening every day -- right before my eyes.  Silly me.  I am looking forward to the last 4 months of 2016.  I can't wait to FULLY be a part of the miracles that are waiting for me!

Take time out to reflect on your miracles from the past 8 months - I'm sure you will be amazed!

Many Blessings, Jenn

Monday, August 1, 2016

The Power of Your Image

Monday, August 1, 2016

The Power of Your Image

How do you project yourself?  Is your authentic self visible to others? Do you care about the impression you make?

How you look, conduct yourself, and how comfortable you make others feel are the ingredients in the impression you give the world. We all stereotype instantly. Our brains organize information based on familiar patterns and pictures. The first question we ask when meeting someone is "What do you do?" We need to categorize the person. Doctor? Rich. Artist? Nonconformist. So ask yourself: How might others stereotype me?

Let's start with how you look. Are you dressed appropriately for the situation, event, or venue? Are you well groomed including nails, hair, and teeth? The answer should be 'yes' to both these questions. You see, as you approach, before you ever open your mouth, others have decided wether they will engage with you or not. Yes, they are judging you by your appearance! It's not a conscience decision to judge, it's simply human nature. We decide very quickly if we are comfortable enough to engage in conversation with another person or not based on the limited information available to us, appearance.

The way you conduct yourself sends a message too. Are you slumped over, looking down at the floor? Or, are you standing tall, head and chest up, making eye contact, and smiling? The first scenario will scare people off and they will avoid you. But the later scenario says: 'I welcome you in. I'm friendly. I'm engaging. I'm happy to be here.' Again, we are more comfortable when others make eye contact and smile.

By now you may have noticed that all roads lead back to how comfortable you make others feel. It is their level of comfort with you, your appearance, and your behavior that directly relate to the impact and impression you leave.

Plan for your first impression. Be mindful and sensitive of the comfort level of others. Be polite, mind your manners, dress the part, stand tall, make eye contact, smile, and allow your authentic self to shine through!

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Thursday, March 31, 2016




Is your property easy to navigate? Or do people often stop to ask for directions? Effective wayfinding solutions can give people confidence to know where they’re going, even if it’s their first visit. Here are five ideas to take your property’s wayfinding to the next level. 
Integrate Themes
Enhance your property’s wayfinding signs and visual graphics using themes to differentiate various spaces. For example, eBay’s headquarters in San Jose, California has buildings that are named after categories of merchandise the company sells (Collectibles, Music, Toys, etc.). The rooms and offices of each building are named and decorated after specific products of that category. Themed wayfinding signage not only helps visitors easily find their way, but also boosts the company culture.  
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Enhance D├ęcor Elements
Wayfinding signs do not have to be boring. Beautify your space and point people in the right direction by adding unique designs to your wayfinding signs that complement your branding and interior decor. Create depth with directional signage using various textures and overlays. Use back-lit signs to brighten up the hallways. Incorporate identification signage with wall murals, door graphics and more. 
Situate Building Maps In Useful Areas
Give visitors peace-of-mind by placing multiple maps and directories in convenient areas throughout the property such as the lobby, entryways, elevators and stairwells. If it’s a large campus with multiple buildings, place durable, exterior map signs along pathways to create a designated area that allows space for visitors to stop and find their bearings. Choose map designs that include clear labels, landmarks, nearby attractions and a “You are here” marker. Consider providing printed brochures of the map for visitors to take with them as they navigate throughout the property. 
Think Outside-Of-The-Box
Make your wayfinding signs stand out using dimensional, arrow-shaped signs to help point the way, custom designs to complement your branding and unique shapes to reflect the surrounding architecture. 
Go Digital  
There are various digital wayfinding solutions to take your property to the next level and create a unique visitor experience. Place an interactive touchscreen display that allows visitors to easily search for their destination and see how to get there. Integrate a digital signage directory that can be easily updated as needed. Use digital room identification solutions that indicate when a conference or meeting room is in-use or available. 
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Ready to enhance your property’s wayfinding signs? FASTSIGNS® is more than ready to help. Find a center near you.  
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Winter weather can be charming at first, but after months of cold temperatures, gray skies and poor traveling conditions, you’re ready for the refreshing arrival of spring. That’s not to mention the damaging effects a rough winter can have on retail stores or any business that relies on in-store sales. Not only does bad weather keep potential customers away, it also puts tremendous stress on the outdoor business signs that make up a part of your business identity. Water, dirt, and an onslaught of salt and other chemicals can cause outdoor signs to fade, crack or malfunction. Now that spring is here, it’s time to take stock of your outdoor signage and give your visual identity a round of spring cleaning.

Update Legal Signage

Take a close look at your legal signage to see if it has been damaged in any way. The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires all architectural signs satisfy a long list of guidelines and specifications. A rough winter can cause signs to be displaced or damaged beyond recognition. It’s important to fix or replace any damaged signs as soon as possible as a service to your customers and to avoid damage to your business’ reputation.

Upgrade to LED Signs

It isn’t the suddenly shining sun that’s making your outdoor signage seem dim. It’s the cumulative effects of quickly changing temperatures, power surges and possibly outdated sign technology. If your old business sign is changing colors or letters are going black, an LED sign is an option that is technologically reliable and attractive to the eye. Business signs for buildings should be bright, easy to read and efficient, making LED signage the optimal fit for new outdoor signs. 

Refresh, Refresh

Once your legal bases are covered and your primary outdoor signs are in good condition, it’s time to see where your complementary signage can be improved. Business signage for buildings isn’t just the large dimensional letters or flashy digital signs that feature the name of your business. Outdoor monument signs can give directions or inform customers of your hours and services. Now that the snow has melted, add some perennial flowers and welcome customers with a lively and colorful landscaping display.
If you want to add some personality to your visual identity, a scrolling digital sign offers an opportunity for customized content. High-resolution digital signs are great for displaying information, but clever messaging and engaging content can go a long way in showcasing the character of your business.
Consumers are ready to get out of the house after a long winter, and that means spring sales for most retailers. Update your storefront banners and displays to bring the optimistic message and fresh color that customers are craving.
Business is about to awake from its winter slumber, so be ready to capitalize with updated graphics, repaired signs and a fresh message to welcome the rush.


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DANCE in FULL Swing in 2016! 

Breathe Deeply...
Pause Greatly...
Pray Furiously...
Celebrate Freely...
Evaluate Completely...
Plan & Implement Specifically...
Act Purposefully!  

I spent five days pushing myself through a 6-step process that my coach shared with me.  By day four I wanted to pull my hair out - BUT I continued anyway - and all I can say is, WOW!!  The end result -- EYE-OPENING! 

Here are the 6-Steps I used
to Create my Year of Endless Possibility....

1. Acknowledge what went well and what you accomplished in 2015? Spend LOTS of time here.  Make a list of at least 50.  We take so many things for granted.  Many times we look so far forward we don’t recognize how far we have come.

2. What things do you wish would have been better? List problems, failures. And what lessons did you learn from those situations?  (We only learn lessons during adversity.)

3. Make a list of the changes you are going to make in order to serve your business and serve your goals in 2016? 

4. How does implementation of each item on your list look specifically? Will you perform the task or will you delegate it?  What boundaries will be put in place to make sure you achieve your goals?  How clear is your communication around your boundaries? Will you set up accountability?

5. What is the level of commitment you want to put around your energy when working on your goals? What will your effort look like? Apply the 80/20 rule to your activities. 80% of your joy, business, financial return, etc (effects) come from 20% of your clients, efforts, etc. (causes). What will you include on your 20% list?

6.  What are your revelations?   
You will surprise yourself!  There are no shortcuts to this process.  You must start with step #1 and work your way through.

I can't promise this process will be easy - but I can promise it will be rewarding!  I would love to hear how it works for you.

Jenn Wenzke
So Now Coaching